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Get Your Foot in the Door with a Temp Agency in Houston

Are you struggling to find a job in a technical field? The economy is tough and more and more people are struggling to find jobs, even with an education and a degree to recommend them. The truth is that many companies are struggling to find you, a qualified individual, as well.

We bridge the gap between employers and their potential employees. If you know you are qualified for the job you want but you need help getting hired, we can help! One of the best ways to find the right job is by going through a temp agency.

Temp Agencies for Employers

Not only do we help workers to find jobs, but we also help businesses to find the best candidates for their job openings. With our personal experience in technical businesses, we know exactly what you need from your employees. As a temp agency, we offer many advantages:

  • Recruitment
  • Help with interviewing and screening
  • Streamlined payroll for new employees
  • Trial period for new hires

Our temp agency gives you the flexibility to test a new employee’s skills and compatibility with your business before committing to a full-time hire.

Reliable Employment on a Temp-to-Hire Basis

The term temp-to-hire has positive meaning for both employers and employees. We understand that businesses want flexibility without uncertainty and employees just want someone to give them a chance to prove themselves. We give you the perfect opportunity.

Working on a temp-to-hire basis does not necessarily mean that your job is insecure. In fact, it can increase your chances of getting hired. More and more employers are choosing new employees on a temp-to-hire basis because they want to ensure they are choosing the best fit for their business. By going through our temp agency, you have the opportunity to prove that you are the best fit and increase your chances of being hired full time.

Start Getting Paid Sooner with a Temp Agency

If you need to get hired quickly and start seeing your paycheck, give us a call to discuss current openings. We are a full-service temp agency in Houston, acting on behalf of the employers who are looking to hire you. We will interview you and discuss the job details with you. If hired, we will add you to our payroll for 90 days until the employer makes the decision whether to hire you permanently or not.

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